Al-Jazeera covers food crisis
April 15, 2008, 10:46 am
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Thus far, nearly all of my posts have been accompanied by Al-Jazeera English videos. I rely on Al-Jazeera for much of my information. As much as the station is misunderstood in the West, supposedly for its role as some sort of propaganda outlet, the truth is that Al-Jazeera’s programming is of very high quality.

It is just as high quality as BBC and PBS and leaves the mainstream outlets in the dust. While many other outlets are fixated on what seems to be single issues, the elections, the mortgage crisis and even the war, Al-Jazeera’s programming covers the gambit.

Al-Jazeera covers the Global food crisis and is joined by Alan Weisman from the University of Arizona, Bettina Luescher from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Kimberly Elliot, from the Center for Global Development.

One of the things discussed is how in Afghanistan, wheat prices have gone up by 70% and the WFP has had to feed 2.5million more Afghans. That is just one country. Every 4 days, their are 1 million more people in the world, most of the growth in the developing world and the world population growth seems to put a big strain on the ability of the world to feed it’s people. Professor Weisman seems to be offering a neo-Malthusian analysis. In his book, The World Without Us looks at what the world may look like without human beings.

Part 1

Part 2


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I enjoyed your blog very much. The American cable channels should carry news outlets from around the world, not merely BBC. The quotation from Aristotle is great; as usual, he’s right. Good luck with your blog. –Prof. O.

Comment by Muser

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