Rise of hate in America
April 21, 2008, 9:45 am
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The past few days, I have been having a quasi discussion with someone who I accuse of operating a hate blog.  Their defense of what they are doing is eerily similar to the Klan’s claim that they are not about hate but rather love, love for their own culture, the preservation of whiteness and the like.  I watched this Al-Jazeera report and couldn’t help but get nostalgic of all the logical fallacies I have encountered when discussing things with people who operate on the idea that their culture is being overtaken by ‘others’.  A lot of the discussion about racism is about the semantics.  Of course, hate is a relative term.  It is hard to prove to someone that they are being hateful.

Part 1

Part 2


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So your lies spread to your own blog now…?

Comment by islamoscope

The key operative here is “someone who I accuse”. Just as you are free to discuss the merits of your ‘anti-radical’ ideology, I too am able to call a duck a duck. As the saying goes, if it looks and sounds like a duck…no matter how much the duck may protest to it, the fact is that it is likely a duck.

Comment by subalternate

You claim this ideology to be one of hate:
“They’re blowing people up…they really shouldn’t be doing that”.
If you find that hateful you are very messed up.

Comment by islamoscope

Very clever. However, I don’t dumb down to such semantical illogicality. Your straw man argument is high schoolish at best. Let me give you the best example. Only one needed really. So a blogger is arrested for “stirring up racial hatred”. Your title for that post is “Blogger Arrested for Promoting Truth”. So are you saying that racial hatred is the truth? interesting.

Comment by subalternate

Being a city girl, I forget how isolated rural areas can be, and how one idea can become gospel. Why must there be so much friction between racial and ethnic groups? Can it ever be stopped? Not to steal John Lennon’s thunder, but imagine…..no wars, no depots, no holocausts, no refugees, no guns or bullets. It has never been so, and probably never will be- until the resources we all depend on disappear. Maybe hunger and thirst could bring us together.

What is the story with this “subalternate” person?

With metta,

Comment by Lorna

Subalternate is another word for subordinate and the title, subalternate reality, is linked to my desire to write about people and issues that are not widely seen as important and thus, take a subordinate or inferior position in the dominant discourse.

Comment by subalternate

[…] Rise of hate in America […]

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